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I'm such a Lemming!  Even though I Haven't played since 01.. LARPing is still very important to me...

- Who did you first LARP as?

My first character ever was a human celestial scholar by the name of Isadora Starlight


- When and where did you first LARP?

Spring of 91.  A one day event at Ft Yargo in Winder GA.  It was a NERO SE game back before they became SOLAR


- When and where was the last time you LARPed?

October 01- East TN NERO.  I was a few months pregnant with my son and that was my last event of that year.  Haven’t been back since.


- Some of your more notable LARP characters?

PC-  Lyla Shadowstorm who jumped in a plot line at the only Boston event I ever attended and never came back.  Kayla Veimos I played her longer and was actually getting on up there in levels before I stopped.  Sheva Bree:  My blue skinned satyress from Dark Comet.  And the name I took when I started getting online.

NPC-  Baby Goblin, a young goblin adopted and raised by the Healers Guild in Clanthia.  Kastigar-  Supposed to be a one shot NPC for a NERO Atl event.. but I had fun bringing her back later to mess with Marentha’s minds.  Almost had a romance going with Jauntarius too.. that was fun.  Only character I’ve ever played that literally had me & others crying.  Probably why I had so much fun playing her.


- Who is your favorite character to LARP as?

Kayla.  She was the most fleshed out and had the most fun stuff happen to her.  Like the Doll storyline


- Who is your dream LARP character?

Can’t really say as I have a ‘dream’ character.


- How many of your friends LARP?

For years ALL of my friends were people I’d met thru LARPing.  Now I’d say roughly half.


- Have you ever walked around in public in your LARP outfit?

Yes >.<  Including the blue makeup when I was playing my satyress…


- Do you make your own boffers?

No.  I suck at that stuff.


- Ever used an ultralite? What do you think?

Don’t really like ultralite’s.  But I’ve borrowed others.


- Have you ever made your own LARP outfit?

I made some pants I wore for LARPing..


- What was your favorite LARP experience or memory?

Making members of Marentha cry after they attacked my Sarr NPC Kastigar..


- What is your worst LARP experience or memory?

It wasn’t so much part of the LARP..but the way people reacted to me one event when I had my daughter with me.  I felt excluded and it hurt.. a lot.  Maybe it wasn’t intentional, but some of that lingering pain is why I haven’t really made a big effort to go back now that the kids are older.


- When and where did you first learn of LARPing?

Early 91 when my best friend at the time told me about what she’d done over the past weekend.  I pretty much begged her to take me with her the next time she went and it was Great! 


- What did you think of it then?

It was play pretend with rules.


- What do you think of it now?

A great way to socialize with geeks like me.


- Do you plan your LARP outfits/characters way before you're meant to use them?

I like to have a general idea.  Lyla spent time with gypsies before making her way to town.  So her clothes were very colorful.  Kayla was a street orphan and thief so her clothes were at times ragged or very simple in design.  And my last character was Vashti.. she was a desert wolven so her clothes were inspired by that type of garb.


- Ever have something terrible happen to your outfit/props/weapon?

Not really. 


- What is the best thing about LARPing?

Hanging out with people who are like me!


- What is the worst thing about LARPing?

Gotta say the weather.  And at times the bathhouses.. *shudders*.


- Why do you LARP?

When I LARPed it was how I relaxed.  It was my way of escaping from reality for a couple of days and finally being myself.. as I played someone else..

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